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Mike Imber sure is Kimbo Slice’s manager and promoter but before all that took place, the two guys were friends. They met in High School in Miami and surrounding areas and have always remained friends. So much that Mike Imber became his manger as a result of the YouTube, back yard fights that Mike Imber taped and then decided to put on YouTube, making Kimbo Slice a Miami, underground, street fighting hero. Mike Imber has the gift to recognize true talent and he recognized this right away as he saw his buff buddy, kicking mad ass in those street fighting- back yard brawls. Ever since he’s been carefully architecting Kimbo Slice’s career and with much success, to say the least.

After becoming a YouTube/Internet Sensation he went on to MMA fighting and in 2010 he embarked in a professional, boxing career, which has gone sublimely well. The long time Miami friends have kept it “real,” without unrealistic expectations and with a nice and steady pace that sprung upon three winning boxing matches consecutively. Kimbo Slice now is training for his next professional, heavy weight boxing match that will take place on February 11, 2012. He’s currently training in Miami, with pro boxer and expert trainer, John David Jackson.

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Ultimate Fighter, Kimbo Slice and his manager and long time bud: Icey Mike Imber remain in Miami, both their hometowns as the the now, professional boxer trains and prepares for his next fight which will be taking place in approximately a month from now on February 11, 2012. The boxing match, however, will take place in Missouri, Springfield at the O’Reilly Center. It makes total sense to train in Miami, where he most likely feels most comfortable before stepping into unfamiliar territory.

Icey Mike Imber and Kimbo Slice are super tight, despite their professional relationship they are friends, first and foremost.  In unison they decided that training in Miami would be best for both parties. Icey Mike Imber hooked up Kimbo Slice with the best trainer in the boxing industry, his name is : John David Jackson and he is well recognized and respected in the industry nationwide. He’s flown down to Miami to equip Kimbo with top notch training. Icey Mike Imber remains in location as well, making sure his friend’s best interests are taken and catered for.

Icey Mike Imber and Kimbo Slice again come together as they become advocates on raising awareness on Autism. Together these two will surely be able to spread awareness on a younger demographic and the Urban/Hip-Hop culture as Kimbo Slice surely hopes to do. Though they have a busy year ahead, this is also, very important to them as they know that Autism is a terrible disorder that inflicts thousands of children nationwide.

With their popularity and influence, they will surely be successful at spreading awareness of Autism, this disorder that deserves much more attention as more children are being affected by this disorder every day. It’s a humbling and noble act that should be celebrated, for the Autism Awareness community sure can benefit from more people becoming involved and raising funds for further research on Autism.

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Sure, The Scorpion King Part 3: Battle for Redemption is a straight to video, movie acting gig, but its a great start to a career in movies and The Scorpion King Part 3: Battle for Redemption sure does have its very exclusive fan base. Moreover, “one“never knows how far this can go, he can easily become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who knows where this will go, at this point of the game, the sky’s the limit. All we know is that Kimbo Slice has won three professional boxing matches in a row and is now moving on to his fourth fight and debuting in his first movie acting  job which is quite substantial. All has been taken place under the management, guidance and friendship of Icey Mike Imber.

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In no way am I implying  that Kimbo Slice couldn’t have done this all on his own. Of course he could, he’s the talent and a great one. But most “talents” need a manager and guidance, preferably someone that’s trustworthy. In this case I think both parties lucked out. Kimbo Slice got a great manager that also, happens to be his friend and Icey Mike Imber got the opportunity not only to manage and guide a good friend but a magnificent talent that he’s had the great opportunity to manage and watch him grow with each success.

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When it comes down to Icey- Mike Imber and Kimbo Slice there’s only one truth and that is that they are a winning team. It really doesn’t matter what people think about Icey Mike Imber, sure he’s affiliated with the porn industry, so what? That doesn’t make him a bad person, it only makes him a lucky person. People hate on the guy because he actually has funds to invest in things he loves and that in turn give him profit.

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Sadly, his name is attached to mishaps done by others, but until you don’t know the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I feel that it would be right just to let these guys continue on their winning streak. All Icey Mike Imber has been to Kimbo Slice is a wonderful, supportive friend and an amazing manager. Perhaps, if the two wouldn’t have linked up, today, Kimbo Slice wouldn’t be where he is today.

It’s clear as water that Icey Mike Imber and Kimbo Slice are a winning team and are capable of grand things in unionson. Why would anyone want to ruin something so good? I can only think of two things and that’s envy and “haterism.” So, my only sentiments is that these guys prevail and give all their haters a little “hell” with victory. Nothing like a dash of triumph to stomp haters on their paths.

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Apparently, Icey Mike Imber has been on Kimbo Slice’s side from the very beginning, going as far back as to his first back yard fight and through his days as an underground street fighter in which he made a name for himself in Miami Florida. Icey Mike Imber has been there as Kimbo Slice’s friend, manager and support system from the very beginning.

He was also, there cheering for the 6’2, 225 pound Kimbo Slice on his professional boxing debut in which he came out triumphant. There’s no doubt that Icey Mike Imber and Kimbo Slice are perfect sidekicks that only contribute to each others success.

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Kimbo Slice has been training for months now and there’s a plenty in store for the boxer in the near future. With Icey Mike Imber on his side, this is a team to be reckoned with. Not only are they good buds, that have each others back, but it’s clear that these two are on the same page and have come up with the perfect recipe for success.